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26.06.2017 16:45

Presentations of PhD projects (FÖP)

Markus Gabl (ISOR), Caroline Geiersbach (ISOR), Michael Kahr (ISOR)
19.06.2017 16:45

Confidence Intervals for Projections of Partially Identified Parameters (with Hiroaki Kaido and Francesca Molinari)

Jörg Stoye (Univ. Bonn)
12.06.2017 16:45

Concentration of information for convex measures

Mokshay Madiman (Univ. Delaware)
29.05.2017 16:45

Exact Methods for Non-Hamiltonian Routing Problems

Hande Yaman (Bilkent Univ.)
22.05.2017 16:45

Dynamic Discrete Copula Models for High Frequency Stock Price Changes (joint with Rutger Lit and Andre Lucas)

Siem Jan Koopman (VU Amsterdam)
15.05.2017 16:45

The Drift Burst Hypothesis

Kim Christensen (Aarhus Univ.)
08.05.2017 16:45

A tentative definition of statistical inference across scales

Marc Hoffmann (Univ. Paris Dauphine)
24.04.2017 16:45

Sufficient Reductions in Regressions With Exponential Family Inverse Predictors

Efstathia Bura (TU Vienna)
03.04.2017 16:45

Nonparametric change-point analysis of volatility

Markus Bibinger (Univ. Marburg)
27.03.2017 16:45

Valid Stepwise Regression with Sequential Testing

Kory D. Johnson (Univ. Vienna)
20.03.2017 16:45

Mathematical optimization approaches for facility layout problems

Miguel F. Anjos (PolyU Montreal)
06.03.2017 16:45

Bilevel optimisation and Stackelberg problems

Martine Labbé (Univ. Libre de Bruxelles)
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