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Socio-Economic Decision Support

Socio-Economic Decision Support is an interdisciplinary area in the

intersection of computer science, economics, management science,

operations research, sociology, psychology, statistics and other

fields. When supported by quantitative models, decisions involving

both economic and social aspects typically lead to multi-objective

problem formulations and often face a high degree of uncertainty

which has to be dealt with by suitable formal representations. The

enormous complexity usually encountered in this type of decision

making requires modern computer-supported technologies with

efficient solution algorithms, e.g., meta-heuristic approaches.

Examples of application areas include health care management,

staff scheduling, project management, safety-critical systems,

emergency response or environmental risk.



Walter Gutjahr (ISOR)

Cooperation partners from other departments and faculties:

Anselm Eder (Dept. of Sociology)

Karl Fröschl (Dept. of Scientific Computing)

Christian Stummer (Dept. of Business Administration)

Gabriele Uchida (Dept. of Scientific Computing)

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